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Working practices & procedures in retail financial services

Focus on results

Retail financial services companies are being asked to shoulder increased regulation.

Aligning working practices and procedures with new directives is a significant and pressing task.

However, regulation is by no means the only driver in today’s market. Competitive pressures have dramatically increased and the need to improve efficiency is compelling

We help clients do the things that they do not have the experience, the resources or the time to do themselves.

We can help clients do things better.

We can do this because of our:

  • Market-leading project and risk management skills
  • Familiarity with FSA requirements
  • Pool of loyal consultants
  • Attention to detail regarding people, process and technology
  • Our reputation for delivery linked to the calibre of the consultants, risk managers and project managers.

Our customers . . .

. . .tell us our reporting and analysis software

makes it easy for them to

create the reports they need,

when they need them,

in the format they want them,

and delivered to the people who need them.

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